Hub Amsterdam - Hub Islington, Kings Cross, Westminster, London
Supporting social innovators to realise imaginative initiatives for a radically better world.

One World Flowers believes in sustainable business practices, human rights compliance, and fair compensation for workers in countries all over the world. We educate consumers about Fair Trade practices, and how to be aware of human rights happening everyday in the global supply chain.

Peace Mala - "Creative education that empowers and embraces all * Uniting the World in peace"  Vibrant education accrediting Schools, Youth Groups and Community groups for global citizenship and diverse spiritual awareness.

United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY)
- Based in The Hague- UNOY is a global network of youth based peacebuilding initiatives around the world with programs from Africa to South America and throughout Europe on peacebuilding through dialogue, advocacy, education, art, conferences and promoting independent initiatives on local strategies.

Art for the Sky - 'Art changes people - People change the world.'  Working on ideas of peace as acts of local and global imagination Daniel Dancer works on 'skysight' building startling creations to be viewed from the sky to give a true view of the whole.  Team building endeavors turn into memorable works of art through people and nature and 'acts of cultural magnificence' -

Greetings with Heart - Gathering unique artists from Mauritius to Spain-  California artist Viktoria Vidali works to deepen the art of greeting and gift giving with a distinctive alternative to 'uninspired mass-produced commercial cards and industrial gift clichés.'  Passionate poetry and image making – distinctive art and photo cards. Also creator of blog Images for

GF - Global Flower Trading - Fair Trade flowers contributing to sustainable development and strong communities through international trade.

Tony Chocolonely
A committed trailblazer this dynamic company is on a mission working towards complete 100% slave-free high quality chocolate.  Read their story, watch their movies, and join the campaign.

FTD Floral - Founded more than 100 years ago as the Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association by John Valentine (!) to bring the large American floral industry in partnership - FTD is now working to provide Fair Trade, Flor Verde and Veriflora eco-certified flowers.

Pathways to Peace -  International Peacebuilding, educational, and consulting organization: Working locally and globally with organizations including the UN to promote, build and support peace initiatives such as the International Day of Peace - September 21.

School der Poezie - Amsteram, Netherlands
From pen and paper to the podium - promoting young people and the joy of poetry.

The Dutch Flower Council
The Flower Council of Holland- working to promote Dutch flowers, traders and sustainability practices globally.

Preijde Bulbs
Gerrit Preijde is a 3rd generation flowerbulb grower in Breezand, Netherlands in the heart of the modern flowerbulb production fields, part of a green thumb dynasty which goes back to the 18th century. Gerrit also works on African flower bulb and plant production, business to business development and concept to consumer, supported by Greenwish. With the belief that development works best with education and economic development; Preijde cultivates a network of breeders, producers and social entrepreneurs bringing together sustainability, the agricultural industry and the future of social business.

Wishes Jewels and the Jewel Tree Foundation
Designers in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London dedicated to conflict-free diamonds and supply chain transparency and education. Partners include a women's mining collective in Lesotho, South Africa and South American collectives working with Oro Verde. Director Mike Angenent: “It is my wish to make ethical fair trade jewelry easily available for everyone - extracted safely and manufactured under fair labour conditions and in total freedom.  Because that is what a Symbol of Love and Light should be.”