Peace Orgs/Campaigns/Links

Highlighted organizations and campaigns working towards creative solutions for non-violence and
methods and structures for peacebuilding.


Is there a comprehensive list of all the conflicts currently happening in the world?

*** - Making social media work in the Middle East - Global Peace Network
- The Safe Conflict Project - 'One Big Organized Push to End War'
- Grassroots Peacebuilding - creator of - Conflicts & What you can Do
- Campaign for a US cabinet level Dept. of Peacebuilding
- Peace products and education
- Waging Peace - Resources on global Human Rights
- Global Citizenship for Youth
- Working towards achievement by 2015
- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in every Passport
- From the HeartMath Institute - Studying human emotions, the heart and the earth's magnetic field

Peace on Facebook
- Promoting Peace by Building Technology (Peace Dot)
- Dynamic grassroots peacebuilding in the Netherlands

The increasing work on abolishment of nuclear weapons

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation


The International Day of Peace - September 21