Amsterdam Valentine Peace Print

Thousands of Fairtrade roses with VPP submissions will be available to share on the streets and canals of Amsterdam on Saturday February 14.  Each pedestrian will recive two roses with an international poem - one for the recipient and one to give to someone else . .

Op zaterdag de 14 februari zullen er 2000 Fair Trade rozen beschikbaar zijn uit Zambia voor Het Valentine Peace Project (VPP). Samen met gedichten vanuit de hele wereld worden deze op Valentijnsdag uitgedeeld in Amsterdam Zuid. Helpt u mee?

Kom samen met de buren de gedichten op de bloemen bevestigen, rolletjes met gedichten maken en daarna al de gedichten en bloemen uitdelen op straat aan de buren. Mensen waarvan u denkt dat ze wel een cadeautje kunnen gebruiken.
U kunt ook uw eigen gedichten voorlezen in de buurt. Er zijn geen kosten aan verbonden.

Laat uw Hart spreken en help mee de actie tot een succes te maken!


Great photos!


Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic Print

From HSFRC's Executive Director Teresa Padua1796612 10202438600940086 2120033549 n:

Valentine Peace Project
Free Community Event
Join us @ Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic
for 2 afternoons of beautiful origami
heart-crafting, peace poetry,
great friends & neighbors,
2/13 & 2/14 (4-7pm).
Come for 1 or 2 days.
Receive Timebank credit. We are a member.

This event is part of the VPP &
sponsored by HSFC.
 The Hollywood Sunset Free Cinic (HSFC) has been serving the Los Angeles local community since 1968.
Valentine Peace Action - Amsterdam Print

    Handing14/02/2014 11:00-15:00 * Hercules Seghers Quarter

 Share a global message of peace with your neighbors . .

   On February 14, Valentine's Day, come to share poems received from around the world (thoughts on peace, reflections on love) - Hand them out with Fairtrade roses.

Since 2008, people from local communities in Amsterdam have come together to share a message of peace on Valentine's Day.

Friday  February 14, thousands of Fairtrade roses from Zimbabwe (courtesy of Global Flower Trading) will be available along with hundreds of submitted poems from around the world.  

Will you help organize and distribute them?

Come along with your neighbors and roll the poems around the roses.  Then hand them out to whomever you think could use a present of peace.

Read - share them aloud. 


Let your heart speak - make this a success!

-  Amsterdam Coordinator Elena Kravtchenko

*  *  *

Made possible by-

Wijkcentrum Ceintuur (Valentijn Vredesactie), Hidden Pearls, Global Flower Trading, Ymere, and residents of Hercules Seghers Quarter in de Pijp.

Events of Amsterdam South - Stadsdeel Zuid


We're ready for you . .


Educating New York for Peace Day Print

Peace Flames tulip bulbs were passed out on Peace Day to individuals and educators at a special Education conference led by reformer, activist and President of the International Institute for Humane Education (IHE) - Zoe Weil.  

Passionate speakers included Jane Goodall and Arun Gandhi.  

This well attended extraordinary day was filled with lectures, break out groups and a performance by the riveting local based Peace Poets.

A concluding march/walk in the vicinity of the location of the conference (near NYU) marked the UN International Day of Peace.

With the assistance of Brent & Becky's Bulbs the Project was able to give to many attendees at the sold out Conference.

Peace Flames tulips were given out to bring home and grow the message of the movement: Meaningful education for today's students- providing information for informed decisions as consumers and citizens; fostering curiousity, creativity and critical thinking; and instilling reverence, respect and responsibility for a more just world. The International Institute for Humane Education offers Sowing Seeds training workshops for educators in its mission to create a more just, humane and sustainable world through education.   


Peace Flames in bloom

Peace Flames HumaneEducation












Vision from Wales Print


Peace Mala - (Creative education that empowers and embraces all uniting the world in peace) led a Pilgrimage in Swansea Wales on 9 May 2013 in which the VPP participated: Uniting all Faiths and Communities in Peace

Valentine Peace tulips ('Pax') - thanks to Groot-Vriend Tulips BV and Preijde Flowerbulbs in Holland - were in full bloom in the Peace Garden at the Peace Mala headquarters where almost a dozen faith leaders gathered including the local Bishop, Lama and Iman as well as a Druid, Wizard, and Pagan high-priestess, plus leaders of Jewish, Greek Orthodox and Baha'i faiths. Diverse, inclusive and reflected in the stunning garden with icons of St Francis and St Mary Our Lady of Peace next to sitting Buddhas and Celtic as well as Egyptian relics. 

After a service in the morning at St David's [the patron saint of Wales] the pilgrimage continued onwards including dozens of student from local Peace Mala accredited schools - to the 'forgotten' monastery of St David in the Llangyfelach area where a fully attended Service of Thanksgiving with Prayers for World Peace was held.  The unique service featured original choreography and songs by school choirs, a recitation from the Holy Qu'ran by a pupil of Haford Primary School, a psalm in Hebrew and Prayers for World Peace in Hindu, Taoist, Baha'i and Saint Francis of Assisi traditions.  For the climax everyone who attended lit votives for world peace noting particular attention to the Middle East.  Bishop John of Swansea queried if anyone had had a disagreement with someone that morning highlighting the importance also of our daily words and actions.

From world faiths to present practices, the Service was a stunning display of what's possible when all world religions come together in creativity, prayer and the higher purpose they are intended for. 

Pam Evans, former head of a Department of Religious Studies in a local school built the project and its symbolic multi-faith bracelet after prejudice erupted in the area after 9/11.  The VPP has worked with Peace Mala for a number of years with accredited schools building peace gardens in September as well as reflecting on, writing and distributing words of peace in February. 

We bring these blessed lights to share as symbols of peace and healing. May this blessed light shine as a symbol of all that is good, May our friendship grow, May peace be found within each of us (Service of Thanksgiving)

StDavidPicture of Saint David by Hannah Murphy, Catwg Primary School Cadoxton Neath


2013-05-09 13.29.292013-05-09 14.01.38

CLICK here for local news story and more photos

Amsterdam School City Valentine Print


The 14th of February 2013 was an exciting day for over 600 children in three schools in Amsterdam

At Wellant College students have a special course about gardening, flowers and plants so students took great pleasure in preparing roses and poems - each class made choices about who should receive a flower message poem. Each one wrote using the initials of the name of a loved on special coloured paper and then into the city to distribute to shoppers, pedesterians and tourists of all cultures who come to appreciate the city. Each student also took one rose home to give to someone.


 AClusius College, in North Amsterdam, students worked hard to create a stunning display of roses and poems. Then combined a rose and poem for a special friend and one also for an elderly citizen in a nearby resthome. The school received hundreds of Fairtrade roses from Global Flower Trading with classes smelling of roses for days. Teachers prepared the students to write poems on peace or love - to find the right words as well as a unique ways to wrap and present them.


At Nova College pupils from all over the world study Dutch and go to school together.  They wrote poems in different languages and from each class a few were selected to go o the Lucas Ziekenhuis, a local hospital, where they gave their flowers and poems to the patients, a great surprise for them.



Students of Nova College


Those who received were grateful for this special gift on a dark and cloudy day!

As one student stated “I learned a lot on a day filled with love.”


Special thanks to Danny Zandbergen of Global Flower Trading, teachers and staff at Wellant, Nova and Clusius Colleges and Director Ilonka Verdurmen of the School of Poetry


Santa Monica Valentine Peace 105 Print

From the desk of McKinley Elementary . .   

Dear Families,

Today I was reminded again of how very fortunate I am to do what I do. Our day started with math problem solving.  No, that doesn't sound like a fun way to start Valentine's Day, but the kids hopped right to it, and got their work done.  After lunch, we colored copies of the poems we wrote (hopefully they made it home to you) as friends placed their cards in each others bags.  We also enjoyed reading with our friends as we waited for all of the bags to be filled. Yes, I actually convinced them to read - on what is well documented as one of the most energy filled school days of the year.  Following a little math time, they spread love and peace to over 120 un-expecting strangers on the Third Street Promenade.  

It's always a delight to watch as people's faces light up from this simple random act of kindness.  To our surprise, we were also greeted with a random act of kindness, as the workers at nearby Coffee Bean decided to prepare a beverage for each of us at no charge.  My class has been involved with the Valentine Peace Project for 5 or 6 years now, and every year is unique and enjoyable.  For some reason, this year may have been my most favorite yet. 

Thank you for entrusting me each day with the most precious parts of your lives.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Dr LaShawn Moore
Room 105

 DSC 0776resize

Peace Blooms Print

TrendTablet is the brainchild of Lidewij Edelkoort who follows new global trends and produces Bloom - dedicated to innovation in horticulture and flower design.  Their latest blog entry highlights the Project and some of its goals - 



The latest VPP Picasa photo album tracks the coming to market of a VPP prototype product - creating new possbilities for flowers and bulbs as tools for peace:


2012-09-14 16.11.07


This February students from schools in collaboration with the School of Poetry in Amsterdam will reflect on peace and the many faces of love - connect their thoughts to Fairtrade roses - and share them in the community in a larger hearted Community Valentine

 * * *




The little big peace event Print

'a free festival celebrating the idea and culture of peace'

Streatham, South London



This great project inspired by Peace One Day, brings together the vision of the International Day of Peace with local initiatives and individuals working on peace in personal and global ways.  Workshops, talks and participatory activities explore the culture and concept of peace in an inspiring and open-minded atmosphere.

Events begin Tuesday the 18th to Sunday the 23rd.  The VPP is there Saturday the 22nd with international poems selling Dutch peace tulip (pax) bulbs .



This is a creative model for neighborhoods internationally to recognise and build upon 21 September - to broadcast and bring together initiatives on economic justice, non-violence, wellness, peace on the streets and on the planet!


Planting peace tulips now to bloom in 2013 connect (assisted by mother nature!) the present and future with a committment to the Earth Charter's vision; outlined by the budding US Peace Academy:  Wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.

*  Grow peace. *


Festivals and Peace Day Print

Selling peace tulip bulbs - Pax and new Peace Flames with VPP poems at

Hackney Wick Festival - 15 and 16 September  -  London



Peace Mala certified Catwg Primary School to prepare a VPP Peace Garden for the International Day of Peace 21 September in Wales.




In honor of the International Day of Peace and Peace One Day the VPP is a guest presenter at an event on 21 September by the Bromley Peace Council with poetry, music and presentations with members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and the United Nations Association of the UK.





Thanks to Hackney Wick Festival in London, Preijde Bloembollen (Flowerbulbs)/Plant Marketing, Fa. G. Groot Vriend, Lutjewinkel, The Netherlands, Flyte so Fancy packaging and Peace Mala in Wales!

West London Peace Market Print



The VPP brings Dutch peace tulip bulbs (Pax and Olympic Flames) to market for Peace Mala, Peace Direct and to build the VPP brand connecting thoughts on peace to flowers everywhere.  Each carton of bulbs comes with an original poem.

 Peace Mala works on youth peace education in Wales and Peace Direct in London and with local peacebuilders in conflict zones around the world.

West London Peace Market is a historical market with more than thirty years in Chiswick. Bringing together local artisans, charities, Fairtrade items and literature.



Planning VPP Autumn Gardens Print

Expanding the season of Valentine Peace - from September to February - the Project works to develop Valentine Peace Poetry Gardens this Autumn - the planting season for bulbs to bloom for 2013.

The Dutch industry has baptised Tulip peace bulbs - 'Flames of Peace', 'World Peace', 'Pax'.

The idea here is to make these actually work for peace - starting with the International Day of Peace (21 September). The Summer of Peace project in the US (and worldwide) launched this June.

Take the opportunity to literally 'plant peace' and purchase Dutch peace bulbs through us this summer for your local, urban, school or community garden to plant with a statement, poem or wish for peace.  Engage students or others in a lesson on peace or host a discussion, writing session or reflection:  How am I growing peace?

Peace is understood on three levels and these links reflect each:

Inner Peace * Community PeaceWorld Peace

Contact us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) before the International Day of Peace for peace bulbs to plant - with creative words and intentions to a future of sustainable peace. * * *


Imagine Festival - London's Southbank Centre Print

The VPP's Big Flower Give-Away at the Royal Festival and Queen Elizabeth Hall

Tuesday 14 February 2012


The more than two week Imagine festival is all things for kids of all ages in wonder and imagination.  Including children hosts, DJ Doctor Octopus and Private Peaceful - the 14th is one day to contribute to children's creativity, literature and music.

The Project will distribute hundreds of submitted poems - particularly those written by US children on a peace themed Valentine's Day - their thoughts on chocolate, shopping, love, peace and the Sub for Cupid.  Two thousand roses from Zimbabwe will be distributed provided by Global Flower Trading in the Netherlands - 'participating in Fair Trade - dialogue, transparency and respect in sustainable development.'

Join hundreds of kids and adults and share in a Valentine's Day of love, peace and creative community.

Peace Day * The Hague & London Print
Share a Peace


11am - Volunteers of the VPP and Thinking Flowers? (contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to participate) will hand out dozens of VPP poems and reflections on peace from around the world in varied languages - to international visitors and guests strolling along the Southbank Centre on Wednesday 21 September 2011 - the International Day of Peace.

Join us and bring flowers to share with the poems.  These gifts of peace are a reminder of this important day to think and act on what peace means in our lives and in the world. Give out beautiful and intimate words of peace submitted to the Project to give away in shared international reflection.

The Hague

Week long activities with themes of peace participation and art start on 17 September 2011 from UNOY (United Network of Young Peacebuilders).  Fairtrade roses provided by Global Flower Trading. (Ask for Fairtrade flowers and support economic justice.)  Other partners with UNOY besides the VPP are the American Book Center, the Miles Davis festival, The Hague World Forum, and Cafe Quirky.  On-line activites include Blogs for Peace:  Young people living in (post) conflict societies write about their daily lives and what youth can do to bring positive change.  Learn what's going on by individuals working as conflict resolution builders around the world and discover activites on and around Peace Day at
Cities by the Sea Print

Swansea and Santa Monica

Swansea is the historical port city of Wales and its national flower is the daffodil.

In February VPP participants - kids and adults of organisation Peace Mala shared international as well as self-created poetry on themes of peace and love wrapped around local flowers - out of The Kitchen Table.

"Everyone involved with Peace Mala is delighted to support the Valentine Peace Project.  We look forward to taking part in this joyful activity every year.  VPP has also been included as a worthwhile peace activity in area seven of our Peace Mala Accreditation activities for schools, youth groups and community groups.  Wonderful messages of peace are spreading across the UK and further afield as more and more groups get involved with VPP and Peace Mala."
Pam Evans, Founding Director, Peace Mala

Learn more about these special kids here - or participating with the VPP on their website.


"How could we not participate in such a worthwhile project, which helps to spread peace and goodwill throughout our community? For me it's important to plant the seed in my students that even at the ages of 5 and 6, their actions can positively impact those around them."
LaShawn Moore, Educator, McKinley Elementary, Santa Monica

McKinley Elementary is located in Santa Monica, California, USA - home for the many flowers placed at the distinctive Arlington West project; professional peace activist Jerry Rubin; and Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots annual Day of Peace recognition in September - 'engaging and empowering local youth' in the work of community and global responsibility and celebration.


Love for London Print

From Putney to Peckham, Goldsmiths College, Kings Cross, Islington, Hackney, Lambeth to Lewisham - well planted individuals will give out VPP poems in the varied boroughs of London- to their friends, to a significant other, to a 'stranger'.

Reflections on Love * Poems on Peace - a Valentine wish, a blessing, a secret hope, a call to action:

14 - 18 February - Location - London

'This poem isn't here to make you feel guilty, But to make you stop and think about the world around us. '   (VPP submission - Laura, student, Marlborough High School, Los Angeles)

G Gallery * Amsterdam Print

The VPP and the G Gallery on the Singel canal * Love in the City * Peace on Earth

14 February 2011
G Gallery
Singel 188
1016 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11am - 7pm

Facebook Event Page

Poems on peace submitted from around the world, Fair Trade African roses, Middle East carnations, materials, music and a space for your creativity for a community Valentine.  Come by with a friend, kids, and your significant other or self and make or pick up something to share on the canals of Amsterdam in the day and into the evening . .


Hubs in Post-Conflict Areas Print

It's got to start" says Hub Rotterdam member Moraan Gilad at a meeting spearheaded by her in Hub Amsterdam on launching Hubs in post-conflict areas. Attendees included the Executive Director of Peace Direct from London as well as Hub members, individuals from IKV Pax Christi NL and the Dutch government. While the focus was on forming a Hub in Ramallah (Palestine) and one in Kigali (Rwanda) possibilities for a Hub Jenin also came up and one individual mentioned possibilities of a Hub in Beirut "which used to be the Paris of the Middle East." On hearing that comment I remembered an organization I was a member of called the Global Renaissance Alliance. Global renaissance indeed. Earlier this year campaigning in the UK elections Gordon Brown gave a speech at a Hub London location stating “

The Hub, which in year two of opening has managed to attract over 300 members working at the forefront of technology and innovation is a brilliant place in which to launch our strategy for the future of Digital Britain."

I was there as a member to research future product possibilities as I work to launch the VPP brand - to make a difference for the hardest hit areas of the world - increase the visibility of peace as well as specific work of conflict resolution and re-building through new economies.

For more on the Hub Post-Conflict Zone project click here. For a recent VPP write-up in Ode magazine's blog click here. And for photos (like the ones below!) from the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) - statements on peace from around Holland shown during recent UN Peace Day activities.

September Peace Power Print

With 1,000 tulip bulbs and hundreds of Kenyan Fair Trade peace-tagged* roses the United Network of Young Peacebuilders and the Peace Portal partner with the VPP for Peace Day in The Hague with hundreds of local children, poems, and the conversation cafe on strategies of peace.  New partners Stuurbloemen and Preijde Bulbs build visibility, ethical trade awareness and a creative call to peace on this day announced as a 24hr global day of ceasefire.

* Peace Day * Dag van de Vrede * Fair Trade * Peace at Work

This month also launches the groundbreaking powerful Peaceweek program with dozens of peace leaders from around the world for live discussion and strategy.  Ben & Jerry's and the US Peace Alliance work together to impact the passage of the Youth Promise Act in the US and Pax Christi Netherlands holds activities through their Vredesweek and Nacht van de Vrede.  But next to all the activities, energy and creativity it's good to take a quiet moment and reflect - What am I doing towards greater peace - in my life, in my community and towards a world with better methods of conflict resolution.  As VPP poet Ammar Banni states from Algeria - featured in this Soundscape from Los Angeles DJ Paul V:  'You are the white doves of Peace.'


Peace of York Print

The VPP is proud to be a part of the 25th year of the York Peace Festival in the historic city of York.  In partnership with the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) of The  Hague, and Chocolala - Fair Trade chocolate, the project will distribute poems on peace received to us from around the world and sell designed chocolate peaces to benefit the DEC Pakistan Flood Appeal.

Working to connect the dots between many levels of peace - sharing international personal poetry, creative Fair Trade chocolates (Swap Your Choc) and supporting the global community response to Pakistan -  TVPP is glad to share in the fun at Rowntree Park on Saturday 5 September!


Atlanta Peace Gardens Print
From the IWPRG:

Thank You Valentine Peace Project from International World Peace Rose Gardens!

World Peace Rose Gardens (IWPRG) is advancing peace and understanding in the world through the creation of rose gardens that become centers for youth and community activities. The California, USA based organization most recently celebrated the 18th Anniversary of their Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" World Peace Rose Garden in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For the first time, international students participated in the Inspirational Messages of Peace Contest. Students from the Gaza Strip, Peace Ambassadors-Pakistan, and the Valentine Peace Project were winners in this year's competition. Congratulations to Valentine Peace Project winner, Ammar Banni's poem from Algeria. For more information on IWPRG projects and site locations, please visit:
Also, our State Capitol World Peace Rose Garden in Sacramento, Claifornia, is competing for the "Best Public Rose Garden in America" and needs votes to win. Please vote for our garden at:  It is the only Capitol in the world that has a rose garden dedicated to world peace.


February Fun Photos Print
Heart of Amsterdam Print

Picasa Web Albums from 14 February 2010 in Amsterdam

Poems on reflections on peace and love from Israel, Kenya, New Zealand, US, the Netherlands and other countries were shared in the center of the city with 6,000 Fair Trade roses and local and Gaza carnations.








San Francisco Print

February 13 2010

Partnering with the Red Vic/Peace House and BuildOn the VPP brings hundreds of FTD Veriflora certified carnations and One World Flowers Fair Trade roses to distribute to the historic Haight St. district with international and local poetic musings on love and peace submitted to  Contact Kai at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be a part of the give-out!

Connecting the dots to peace - personal, community and global by supporting developing world entrepreneurs, personal experience and conversation and community social action - welcome to the Peaceful World Foundation!


In a separate action by poet Terri Glass with California Poets in the Schools students were guided  through discussion to generating poetic gems to leave as secret surprises around the greater Bay Area for a Valentine Peace weekend.


Flowers from Palestine Print

Gaza carnations

Israel working together with the Palestinian Authorities and the Dutch government eased the Gaza blockade to let out thousands of carnations and other flowers to assist Palestinian farmers.  It is the first time in years that the farmers will be allowed to export their entire harvest.

According to Agricultural Cooperatives and Pal Trade (Palestine Trade Center) strawberries, carnations, and cherry tomatoes have the greatest potential for growth in terms of value and volume income generation for the region.



I opened my door

and many, many crowded to come in.

I therefore pushed back

the walls of my room

to welcome all my guests.

And my room became the home

of my friends

and my room became the world.

Amir Gilboa  -  translated by Israeli poet Ada Aharoni, International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace

An inspiring Middle East Strawberry Peace Project!

Every product has a story, every country a flower, and every heart a poem . .

Palestinian carnations, Fair Trade Zimbabwe and Kenyan roses and Dutch carnations will be available with international peace messages and poems at the Felix Meritis on the Keizersgracht on Sunday February 14 to hand out throughout the day in Amsterdam.

Chicago Blooms Print

VPP Workshop and Show

Chicago starlight Tekki Lomnicki and her Tellin' Tales Theatre - Workshop Sat. February 6 - Writing, Art, Thoughts on Peace (plus lunch!).  Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Part Two - Reading of poems and stories Sunday February 14 and then a walk to Millennium Park to share the results!  (Sponsored by the Buckingham House Committee).


The Neighborhood Writing Alliance

Poem workshop on writing/reflections on love and peace then to attach to
carnations and roses from One World Flowers ( to share in the community.

At the Bezazian Library -  Wednesday February 10

( - Journal of Ordinary Thought)


Peace & Love Poetry contest by NL Peacebuilders Print

United Network of Young Peacebuilders in The Hague, Netherlands

To celebrate the International Day of Love the United Network of Young Peacebuilders and the Valentine Peace Project are organizing a campaigning day, whereby fair-trade flowers with peace poems will be handed out in public areas - to celebrate and advocate for the wider and varied faces of love in action and the work of peace in the world. Teachers are invited to reflect with students on questions of peace and love and their meaning within the local context, and to create statements or poetry. The winning poems will be shared in the US, Netherlands and other countries as scrolls shared on the street or wrapped around flowers to share in public places, parks, hospitals, train stations or shopping centres as a message of peace. We encourage sharing the statements and poems about the philosophical meaning of Peace and Love within your community.

We also encourage discussions after the day. To facilitate the discussion we ask you to reflect.

  • How was it to think about the local meaning of love and peace with your students, friends or youth club members?
  • Did you also engage in sharing the poems and statements in your community? If yes, how did the community react?

Thank you for participating in this wider vision of 14 February - Valentine's Day!

UNOY Peacebuilders is a global network of affiliated members and organizations active in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. More members and affiliates use artistic means to work on the prevention of violence, or to address the negative consequences of it. This is one of the reasons why the 11th African Conference, held in November 2009 in the Netherlands, was dedicated to the exchange and learning of how to utilize different art means (comics, participatory videoing, peace poetry, dance, theatre and new media) to work on positive societal change. The Peace Poetry Contest is a follow up activity of this conference.

The VPP also works to highlight Fair Trade and distribute Fair Trade flowers (many from Kenya) and/or Fair Trade chocolate. Many of these products are shared around the world in February and we want to draw attention to the economic justice of Fair Trade in these Valentine industries.
Los Angeles Gallery Event Print

Ave50Avenue 50 Studios in Highland Park, Los Angeles
Poetry & Peace, A Night of Poetry, Music & Art

Join us with almost a dozen performing poets plus musician Rick Wilson.

We will be creating poem-wrapped flowers this evening as a call to peace.

Saturday, February 6, 2010 from 7 to 10 pm

Peace is freedom from the                                                       
pain. Victory over the
deep hurts. Love that
will flow to others.
Able to be the real me
in my own country.

(Cindy Rinne)

Zimbabwe Passion Print

From a table strewn with Zimbabwean roses Belgian author Patrice Delchambre introduced her Zimbabwean partner who sang a Zimbabwe greeting of love and peace to begin the evening of poetry from her collection Zimbabwe - een bijzondere passie (a special passion) - as a benefit for the Lawyers for Human Rights in Zimbabwe.

From Hub Amsterdam - Patrice shared flowers, food and stories from the Southern African country and an overview of the current political climate and the people's organization and hope.


The gorgeous flame lily represents a country of beauty and hope preparing to return to its former glory.

Zimbabwe Push - Human Flower Project

Minnesota Prairie Peace Print

Eden Prairie News

News, sports, politics, blogs and forums from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

Spiritually Speaking

Berlin Hub Love Print

Hub Berlin is the Berlin branch of the global Hub network ( - a social enterprise to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising intiatives for a better world.  Members of Hub Berlin promoted the project to expand the campaign for a larger love valentine expression in the world!

Poems and quotes were assembled with flowers for distribution: 

"Until one extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not find peace."
Nobel peace prize recipient Albert Schweitzer

Pitch for Inspiration

San Diego Beach Project Print



San Diego


Green Parent Chicago Print

Founded by Christine Escobar, Green Parent Chicago is a welcoming harbor for Chicago area parents interested in natural family living and caring for the environment.

Featured story on the project -

Participants in the Project in Chicago include Code Pink, Neighborhood Writing Alliance, Harold Washington Library, Chicago Park District, Silverspace and Mess Hall.

Peace Poetry Garden Print

North Amsterdam

Children from  Elzenhagen Elementary School will come to the Noorderparkkamer Friday 13 February to attach poems prepared in school to flowers from the Project, which they will hand out later that day in Amsterdam Noord.  After a storyteller's tale on themes of peace and love the kids will plant flower bulbs in a poetry-garden.  Their poems will be integrated in a large art display created for the poetry garden.

Everyone is invited to plant a flower bulb in the garden.

Valentijn Gedichtentuin

Chicago Pink Peace Print

Choosing Peace
"The Choice of Non Violence" with CodePink, led by Sue Eleuterio.

A special seminar on different strategies of creative resistance to war and policy-
writing exercises to inspire thoughts, ideas and responses on the subject.

Writings generated will be spread in the Chicago neighborhood February 5.

Sponsored by Neighborhood Writing Alliance (Journal of Ordinary Thought -

Thanks - FTD - providing Veriflora certified carnations.

Human Flower Project Print

"An international newsgroup, photo album and discussion of humankind's relationship with the floral world. We report on art, medicine, society, history, politics, religion, and commerce."

Getting ready for a love magic holiday HFP reports on the Project and Founder Federico Hewson with links to last year's photo album.

Roses in Almelo Print

Almelo, Netherlands

This small city in the East of Holland not far from the German border participated this past February with citizens and students distributing roses with poems in Dutch and English in different locations around the city.

Ik geef je een roosje (I give you a Rose)

NY Chocolate Peace Print

New York Berkeley Carroll School

Members of the Student Council of this school in NY sold candygrams consisting of peace poems, carnations
and chocolate kisses. Money raised was sent to Save Darfur.  Creating a community service Valentine!

Chocolate Kisses for Peace 

Nova College Print

Esprit: Nova College - Amsterdam

Students from this large school in Amsterdam went to Lucas Andreas Hospital to give away flowers and peace poems 'not to take romantic love away from the spotlight but to expand the total concept of 'love' and Valentine's day with peace, respect and community.'

 Valentijn Scholengroep

LA School Peace Poets Print

Paul Revere Middle School of Los Angeles, California

A call went out to the this entire school for submissions led by English Department Instructors Cynthia Murphy and David Baca.  A large hearty group of respondents generated inspiring visions for peace, which were shared throughout the school.

Special poems by the students of Paul Revere