Cities by the Sea


Swansea and Santa Monica

Swansea is the historical port city of Wales and its national flower is the daffodil.

In February VPP participants - kids and adults of organisation Peace Mala shared international as well as self-created poetry on themes of peace and love wrapped around local flowers - out of The Kitchen Table.

"Everyone involved with Peace Mala is delighted to support the Valentine Peace Project.  We look forward to taking part in this joyful activity every year.  VPP has also been included as a worthwhile peace activity in area seven of our Peace Mala Accreditation activities for schools, youth groups and community groups.  Wonderful messages of peace are spreading across the UK and further afield as more and more groups get involved with VPP and Peace Mala."
Pam Evans, Founding Director, Peace Mala

Learn more about these special kids here - or participating with the VPP on their website.


"How could we not participate in such a worthwhile project, which helps to spread peace and goodwill throughout our community? For me it's important to plant the seed in my students that even at the ages of 5 and 6, their actions can positively impact those around them."
LaShawn Moore, Educator, McKinley Elementary, Santa Monica

McKinley Elementary is located in Santa Monica, California, USA - home for the many flowers placed at the distinctive Arlington West project; professional peace activist Jerry Rubin; and Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots annual Day of Peace recognition in September - 'engaging and empowering local youth' in the work of community and global responsibility and celebration.