Che cos'e' la pace? Print

Grazia Giometti, San Francisco, CA, USA

La pace e' una brezza leggera che accarezza l'anima;

E' una benedizione.

E' il silenzio nelle parole;

e' il; punto fermo al centro del ciclone.

E' la decisione di passar sopra una offesa

che ferisce il cuore.

E' contemplare la gioia dei bambini quando giocano;

e' il richiamo delle allodole al tramonto.


What is peace?

Peace is a light breeze that caresses the soul.

It is a blessing.

It is the silence inside the words.

It is the still point at the center of the cyclone.

It is the decision to overlook an injury that that has wounded our heart.

Peace is to contemplate the joy of children at play.

It is the calling of turtledoves.

Peace Poem Print

Matthew Kopp, Chicago

When angry and upset
Filled with wrath and fear and fight
I then see the world in
Only black and white

Peace is then a flower
That grows
In greatness, grace and might
That conjurs up the power
To see the colors and the light.

Then when troubled with
Clamping cramping closing tight
I then only seem to know
a world of wrong
And a world of right.

Peace is then my teacher
That gives me second sight
To see the colors and the difference
And new possibilities of life.

A Formula for World Peace Print

Linda Ohlson Graham, Colorado


from creation

breathe peace and joy and balance.

They are

what REAL-ity is made of.

Humanity chooses.

Breathing :

How conscious we are in each moment

(of our breath …

as it enters and exits our body)

determines our experience.

Letting go of thinking …


with very little effort

is an essential component.

We … as a 'collected' race of people

could enter what's called 'Heaven'.



We simply need to 'choose' it.

Feeling Peace Print

Megan Zehnde, Santa Clara, California

Not feeling fragmented from
Technology, politics or fear.

Focusing enough to express with precision.
One particular moment . .

Having the will to dig. Surrounded by support of
Exploring. One-word answers being insufficient.
Creating an environment of
Interest. Having the faith to finish.

Feeling emotions with the whole body
Allowing their evolution. Accepting,
Inviting in the worry and the pain.
Giving preference to gratitude.
This is where I feel peace.

Vrede Snoepje (Peace Candy) Print
Jayne Falugo,

United Network of Young Peacebuilders, The Hague, Netherlands


Peace, peace

Who wants peace?


It’s easy to do,

You just have to choose.


Give an extra smile?

Create a new style!


So why don’t you say,

Being Valentine’s Day,


I choose peace!”

Now that would be sweet!



A Green Week Print

Ada Aharoni, Israel

A week like fresh mint,

a green week spreading

its fragrance to the roots

of my being


"Have a green week!"

My father used to bless us

on Saturday nights,

"Have a green year"

he beamed,

brandishing a fresh mint sprig

over our curly heads -

and give it back

to the world

fully blossoming.


Who will give me

a green week

now that he's dead?

Now that the Gates of Heaven

are shut, and we

dump our grayish nuclear waste

in the belly depths

of our innocent green earth?


Only peace science

Only peace technology

Only peace, ushering

A World Beyond War.

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