This page displays poems submitted by students for the Project.

In their wisdom, the children whose intermingled voices gave birth to the Peace Poem know that peace is far more than the absence of war. Children know that peace comes from the heart; it lives in the way we see others; it survives in the respect we show our neighbors every day. They also know, often better than adults, that today’s world is a global village and that we are all neighbors.”
Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan (

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Valentine Love Print

Abdifitah Ahmed Osman, Amsterdam

Valentine's Day is a day of love .

Sometimes you do not see the people you love

You have to know this in your heart.

There are always people who love you care about you

No matter who you are

If you are sick or not

If you are rich or poor

If you are gay or not

If you are black or white

We love

because we all come

From the same mother and

we can live as brother and sister


We love you - I wish you all the best

The Wonderful Words of Love Print

Room 105

Kindergarten & First Grade

McKinley Elementary

Santa Monica, CA, USA

Love is bright

Love comes out

Love is bright like the sun.

Love comes out like a turtle coming out of its shell.

Love is beautiful

Love shines

Love is beautiful like a heart.

Love shines like a star.

Love is wonderful

Love sings

Love is wonderful like your friends.

Love sings like a melodious songbird

Love is everything!


Peace is in Earth Print

Room 105

Kindergarten & First Grade

McKinley Elementary

Santa Monica, CA, USA


Peace is being respectful

Peace is making new friends


Peace is being calm

Peace is helping one another


Peace is being nice

Peace is like love


Peace brings love

Peace and War Print
Jacob, 3rd grade
San Ramon School, Novato, CA

Peace is like a leaf falling
War is like a forest fire.

Peace is like a flowing river.
War is seeing your friend's red blood.
Peace is harmless as a papecrane.
War is when you want to shout.
Peace is when you want to whisper.
War is dying.
Peace is living.
War is guns.
Peace is love.
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