This page displays poems submitted by students for the Project.

In their wisdom, the children whose intermingled voices gave birth to the Peace Poem know that peace is far more than the absence of war. Children know that peace comes from the heart; it lives in the way we see others; it survives in the respect we show our neighbors every day. They also know, often better than adults, that today’s world is a global village and that we are all neighbors.”
Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan (

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Stefanie - Marlborough High School - Los Angeles 

If I could give you one thing in this world,
It would be the ability to see yourself as others see you.
That way, you would realize what a truly amazing person you are.
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Tess ' Marlborough High School - Los Angeles

L: Life in peace. Millions of people embracing each other's differences,
each other's imperfections.
O: Open minds, open hearts. The ability to let those who care for you into the
deepest parts of your soul.
V: Vast kindness. Not a single feeling of anger, remorse, jealousy, grief.
E: Everyone in harmony. A perfect balance --- That is true love.
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Tyrel, Vine Street Elementary, 5th grade - Los Angeles

Peace is a place. It's like a quiet island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
Peace is a smell. It smells like my grandma's cooking after church on Sundays.
Peace is an animal. It's like a horse running and getting blown by the wind.
Peace is when someone tells me, "You're a great kid!"
Peace is my favorite time of day. It's like walking home from school.
Peace is a color. It's like the color of the horizon.
Peace is a sound. It sounds like when my little brother calls my name.
Peace is a song. It's like hearing my mom sing my little brother to sleep.
Peace is me because I love to help people with their problems.
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Victor ' Marlborough High School - Los Angeles

Valentine's Day
a flower in hand grows
from the heart.

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