Thanks to participants, supporters and coordinators of activities in February and September


Azzam Shafi and Flora Holland

Danny Zandbergen and Global Flower Trading

Bright Green Brands

Arno van Staalduinen

Maijid Halawani

Tony's Chocolonely

Time Out Amsterdam

Weekkrant Amsterdam

Jacek Rajewski

Netty Klomp

Elena Kravtchenko/IsidoraD

Sjors Beenker

Whole Life Times

Henny Groot

Morten Arstad

Marijn Wensveen

Harry Loco

Amsterdam FM

Jeroen Blankert

Ger Groot

Thomas Reineke

Jaap Simonis

Zbigniew Maciak

Ronald Merlin

Roslyn Layton

Agneszka Sadlakowska

Rajab Mohamadin

Ned Cars

Samantha Feelix

Gabriel van Jones

Pam Evans and Peace Mala - Wales

Albino (

Hub Amsterdam and Hub Rome

Hub King's Cross and Hub Islington

Anna Barnouw and Felix Meritis - Amsterdam

Haëlla Stichting - The Hague

Stadsdeel Oud-Zuid - Amsterdam

Alaina Paradise and One World Flowers

Stichting Max Havelaar

Casper Voogt and Plethora Design

Build On

Everyone at United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY)


Preijde Bulbs

Red Vic House - San Francisco

Kai Wilson

Georgia Freeman-Harvey

Kathy Gallegos and Avenue 50 Studios - Highland Park

Tekki Lomnicki, Nancy Andria and Matthew Kopp - Tellin' Tales Theatre - Chicago

Carrie Spitler and Lynn Steadman - Neighborhood Writing Alliance - Chicago

Mariska van Dekken en het Partij voor Mens en Spirit

Carolyn Dixon and FTD

Ed Touissant en het Anjerwerkerij Nieuwland - Hoek van Holland

Annelies van Dam

Pieternel de Bie

Everyone at Green Graffiti

Nico Bulatoff

Terri Glass and California Poets in Schools - San Francisco

Lies Leen and the staff of Buurtcentrum de pijp - Amsterdam

Laurie Brown and Marlborough School - Los Angeles

LaShawn Moore and McKinley Elementary - Santa Monica

My Friend's Place - Los Angeles

Teresa Padua and the staff of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic

San Francisco Poet Terri Glass

Rabobank Amsterdam Noord

Anne-Claire Frank

Lara and Jan Toensmann

Nico de Bruijn

Lucy Baker

Wijkcentrum d'Oude Stadt




Los Angeles

Marcielle Brandler and the Tree of Life Center

Paul Revere Middle School

Aviva Family and Children's Services

Dorsey High School

Marlborough High School

McKinley Elementary School

Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic

Vine Elementary School

Alvarado Elementary School

McGaugh Elementary School

HOLA after school program

My Friends Place

Coordinator Georgia Freedman-Harvey

Coordinator Jacob Finn


San Francisco

Northern California AmeriCorps InterCorps Council

Build On

Coordinator Kai Wilson

Coordinator Rachel Trocano


Mess Hall

Chicago Park District

Neighborhood Writing Alliance

Asimina Chremos - Silverspace

Code Pink and Sue Eleuterio

New York

NCS Residence

Yorkville Common Pantry

Casa Mutua Residence

Park Avenue Women's Shelter

Coordinator Millicent Cavanaugh

Coordinator Mary Myers


Peace Mala

St. Helen's Primary School - Swansea

Neath Port Talbot College

Lampeter College (Univ. of Wales)



Hub Berlin

Jannes Riemann

Frauke Godat

Benjamin Degenhart

Antwerp, Belgium

Creatief Schrijven

De Muzeval


Eduard Douwes Dekkerhuis

Dorus Rijkers School

Nova College


Combiwel Buurtcentra

Oude Kerk



Martyn Claybrough

De Roos

ABC Treehouse

Wijkcentrum d'Oude Stadt

Rima Freeman and Hub Amsterdam (True Valentine)

Linde ten Broek (

Ilonka Verdurmen and the School der Poezie

The Hague

Valentijn and De Haagse Hogeschool

Thanks also to Global Flower Trading, FTD Floral, Tony Chocolonely, and the Dutch Flower Council (see Partners).

And to participants everywhere who have contacted me from rural US to Japan - for participating in your own creative way in what peace means to you and sharing that with someone on Cupid's special day-

(From Oh, Cupid by Megan Kincaid, Paul Revere Middle School, Los Angeles)

Valentine's day is a harsh holiday

For those who you have forgotten

To strike with the tips of your arrow

Nobody wants to be alone

So if you use the bow to bring the world together

Nobody will ever be alone

And we the mortals may be as happy

As the gods?

But we can't put all the blame

For no world peace on a baby with a bow

The inhabitants of the world must unify we must take the first steps

And Cupid will help us once we have tried

Even though we try to think not

But our steps are more important than

A bow.

Our steps to love and peace are

Larger than you know.


Special thanks to FTD Floral, De Nederlandse anjertelers and Moois (

Thanks to new schools, volunteer participants and programs that participated this year.


NY Coordinator - Katie Rosenthal

LA Coordinator - Raha Tabankia

New in Los Angeles -

Paul Revere Middle School

McKinley Elementary School (Santa Monica)

Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic

Tree of Life Center and Western Justice Center (Pasadena)

New in New York -

Building With Books (Bronx)

Berkeley Carroll School

Bikram Yoga

The Tea Lounge

Chicago -

Nancy Andria and the Chicago Park District

Idaho -

Idaho Student Peace Alliance

The Netherlands

Amsterdam -

Nova College Esprit

AOC Oost Almelo

Dorus Rijkerschool

De Buurtcentrums in de Pijp

Wales -

Peace Mala

Returning Participants -

Mosaic the City - BC, Canada

In Los Angeles

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
The Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse
Markham Middle School
Vine Elementary
Marlborough High School
Pilgrim School
Heart of Los Angeles
Brentwood School
My Friends Place

Thousands of carnations, tulips and other flowers were distributed with poetry in Amsterdam. Thousands of carnations were distributed with poetry in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Thousands of carnations were distributed in the varied communities of Los Angeles. Poems were shared also in Chicago, Victoria B.C. Canada and in Idaho by the Idaho Student Peace Alliance as well as in varied communities throughout the world that discovered this Project!  Workshops were held thanks to community organizers. Also thanks to the many participants in different parts of the Netherlands as well as the US - in rural communities who contacted us that made their own flowers to share or passed out favorite poems and held workshops around themes of peace - a Valentine's season to remember.



Thanks to Izzy's class in Australia!

Thank you to Kelly Paper in California, filmaker Jeff Freeman,
Pilgrim School and Unknown Theater in Los Angeles.

We are also very grateful to Community Partners
for their guidance, encouragement and support.

Special thanks to poetry submissions from David
Whyte, Mary Jane Sullivan, Charles P. Ries, Marshall
Rosenberg, Stephen Mead, Mary Kennedy Eastham,
Marcielle Brandler, Giovanna Imbesi, Julie
Christensen, Allison Crowe and Yoko Ono.

About one thousand five hundred carnations were
given for distribution to the above participating
programs as well as volunteers who went to varied
locations throughout Southern California: St. John's Hospital,
Pomona, Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood and
downtown Los Angeles.

Thanks also (not mentioned above) to The HeArt Project and A Window between Worlds in Southern California.

More than one thousand carnations were distributed
on the subways and streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Many hearts were touched at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica,
among the businesses of downtown LA; shoppers at the Third
St. Promenade and beachgoers on the Venice Beach
boardwalk. Some individuals read their poems aloud,
shared them with their children, and took them home
to friends and family.

People shared their poems with the train conductor and each
other on the F train in Brooklyn and the stations and trains
in downtown Manhattan.

A Canadian group visited their local Emergency Room.

An Australian girls school visited their surrounding neighborhood.

Workshops on the building blocks for lasting peace were held in
community centers.

Participants everywhere are creating a Valentine's day memorable and
meaningful each year.

Please contact us to be involved as a participant or volunteer!

Peacebuilding reminds us of the true power of love - as one
Marlborough High School student stated in her poem submission:

What a charged word.
What a personal word.
What other word could evoke such strong feelings
and memories than love?
I have felt pain, sadness, joy, tears, laughter,
It has meant many things to me.
And as I look around, I see there is something
special about it.
About love.
Because whenever I have tried,
I have always been able to find it.
In Myself.
In a Book that inspires me.
In Family.
In my Dad's cooking.
In Friends.
In the eyes of a stranger.
In a soup kitchen.
In an airport.
The key is to never stop looking.

Thank you,

Federico Hewson
Project Director